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Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Music Adventure Verse 1 is a soundtrack for the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Track listEdit

  1. "Title Song"
  2. "Ai's Theme Song"
  3. "Fungo the Mysterious Boy"
  4. "Yuu's Theme Song"
  5. "A Little Courage"
  6. "The endless road..."
  7. "Subtitle"
  8. "Enter Kaze"
  9. "Difficult Battle"
  10. "Silent Kaze"
  11. "The Departing Wind"
  12. "The Magun has Thawed"
  13. "Firing the Magun"
  14. "Preview"
  15. "Enter Monster"
  16. "Trampled by the Monster"
  17. "Colossal Fortress Gaudium"
  18. "The Tyrant's Dinner Table"
  19. "Unseen Anxiety"
  20. "Strange Feeling"
  21. "Subway"
  22. "Fabula's Mansion"
  23. "The Absurd World"
  24. "Chocobo Will Walk, No Matter How Far"
  25. "Get Out of Here"
  26. "Emergence of an Alternate World"
  27. "Summoning the Beast's Return"
  28. "The Town of Fruit"
  29. "Nihilistic World"
  30. "Cid the Genius Scientist"
  31. "The Hearts that Touch"
  32. "Recollections of Lisa"

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