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A young girl who appeared from within the Crystal of Eart with no memories of her past, save her own name. Though she displays the innocence and curiosity of a child, her prowess with white magic and archery suggests there is more to her than she herself yet understands...
—Official site description

Fina is the tritagonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a mysterious girl who was frozen in crystal.



Fina has red eyes and blond hair with a flower and a hair clip in them. She wears a grey vest with a purple and white sleeveless jacket with a white hood and cloak similar to that of a traditional White Mage. She also wears purple and white skirt, black stockings, white boots, and black and white gloves.


Before her release from the crystal that bound her, she appeared to be knowledgeable about crystals. After breaking free from the crystal prison, Fina loses her memories of the life before and assumes a carefree attitude, resulting in her unexpected commentary about a variety of seemingly obvious things.


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As Rain and Lasswell travel the airship with Grandshelt soldiers under their king's orders, they are attacked by a horde of monsters. When they defeat them, Fina encased in crystal appears before them and rushes them to hurry to the Earth Shrine warning them with the Earth Crystal's shattering.

After defeating the bandits in Lechios Hills, Fina reveals herself unscathed to a worried Rain and Lasswell. She mentions that she had her reasons and presents the duo with heathaze blooms, recalling to them an instance wherein Lasswell had mentioned that having the blooms would make their journey easier. Resolving herself to not be a burden, Fina decided to look for the blooms in order to aid the two, resulting in her going to the desert alone and being kidnapped. Lasswell reassures Fina that she isn't a burden, much to her relief. She and Rain encourage Lasswell to drink the bloom's nectar, with her expressing that it was worth the trouble to obtain the bloom. Following their reunion, Fina decides to join Rain and Lasswell on their journey.

Upon their arrival to the city of Grandport, Fina takes notice of the city's beauty. The party decides to approach a Grandport local and discovers that a strange man clad in armor has been seen around the city. Accompanying the man is a monster, leading Rain to suspect it of being Veritas of the Six Sworn of Paradia. After trying to determine his reasons for being in Grandport, the group decides to investigate the nearby ruins.

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Other appearancesEdit

Triple TriadEdit

496x Fina

Fina appears on a Triple Triad card in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.


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