Filamented Hold
MP 38
Effect Inflicts Slow within area of effect.
Duration 90 sec max of eff
Casting Time 2 sec
Recast Time 20 sec
Magic Type Blue Magic
Element Earth
Jobs BLU 52

Filamented Hold is a Blue Mage spell that is learned from Diremites in Final Fantasy XI. It Slows enemies within range. This spell costs three Blue Magic Points to set and grants VIT +1 when set. It caps at approximately +20% Slow and has amaximum duration is 90 seconds. It does not overwrite, and is overwritten by (regardless of potency): Sprout Smack, Hojo: Ichi, Hojo: Ni, Slow, Slow II, Haste. If the target has Haste, it must first be dispelled for this spell to take effect.

Filamented Hold can be set with one of the following spells to create the Clear Mind trait:

Unlike other job traits, the effect stacks for each pair in this group. Each set gives the next tier of Clear Mind for an additional MP Recovered While Healing + 3 effect. A maximum of Clear Mind IV can be achieved granting a max bonus of MP Recovered While Healing +12. Clear Mind V is not attainable.