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Fire ammo that heavily damages specific fiend types.
—In-Game "Help" Description.

Fiend Hunter (退治弾, Taiji Dan?) is a skill subset exclusive to Gun Mages in Final Fantasy X-2. It focuses on dealing large amounts of damage on certain enemies for a low cost. Fiend Hunter is also the first skill subset in the series to be created for Killer-type abilities.

List of Fiend Hunter abilitiesEdit

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Shell Cracker 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Helms. FFX-2 Shell Cracker
Anti-Aircraft 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Birds and Wasps. FFX-2 Anti-Aircraft
Silver Bullet 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Lupines. FFX-2 Silver Bullet
Flan Eater 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Flans. FFX-2 Flan Eater
Elementillery 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Elementals. Flan Eater FFX-2 Elementillery
Killasaurus 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Reptiles. FFX-2 Killasaurus
Drake Slayer 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Drakes. Killasaurus FFX-2 Drake Slayer
Dismantler 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Machina. FFX-2 Dismantler
Mech Destroyer 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Mechs. Dismantler FFX-2 Mech Destroyer
Demon Muzzle 20 3 Deal quadruple damage to Imps and Evil Eyes. Anti-Aircraft FFX-2 Demon Muzzle

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