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Field items are all the items that cannot be used in battle by simple means, and are rather used in the field, outside battle. They are not to be confounded with healing items, that can be used both on the field and during battles.

Some field items are specifically used by the Chemist's Mix ability. Thus, the real effects of these items vary a lot. Some recurring field items are the Rename Card and the Dark Matter.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit


List of field items:

Final Fantasy IVEdit


List of field items:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- List of field items:

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit


List of field items:

Final Fantasy VEdit


Along with the Magic Lamp, which summons all Summon spells in backwards order starting with Bahamut, there is a group of item that the Chemist can use with his Mix and Drink abilities.

List of Mix items:

Final Fantasy VIEdit


The field items gather the most versatile array of effects.

List of field items:

Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Field items include Chocobo Nuts and Stat-increasing items.

List of field items:
  • Pram Nut
  • Porov Nut
  • Carob Nut
  • Zeio Nut

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit


Ammo, Guardian Force items, Blue Magic items, and stat-increasing items are the field items. Most of these take the name of recurring armor and offensive and supportive items of the series.

List of field items:

List of ammo:
  • Normal Ammo
  • Shotgun Ammo
  • Dark Ammo
  • Fire Ammo
  • Demolition Ammo
  • Fast Ammo
  • AP Ammo
  • Pulse Ammo
List of GF items:
  • Rename Card
  • Amnesia Greens
  • HP-J Scroll
  • Str-J Scroll
  • Vit-J Scroll
  • Mag-J Scroll
  • Spr-J Scroll
  • Spd-J Scroll
  • Luck-J Scroll
  • Aegis Amulet
  • Elem Atk
  • Elem Guard
  • Status Atk
  • Status Guard
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Magic Scroll
  • GF Scroll
  • Draw Scroll
  • Item Scroll
  • Gambler Spirit

  • Healing Ring
  • Phoenix Spirit
  • Med Kit
  • Bomb Spirit
  • Hungry Cookpot
  • Steel Pipe
  • Star Fragment
  • Energy Crystal
  • Samantha Soul
  • Healing Mail
  • Silver Mail
  • Golden Armor
  • Diamond Armor
  • Regen Ring
  • Giant's Ring
  • Gaea's Ring
  • Strength Love
  • Power Wrist
  • Hyper Wrist
  • Turtle Shell

  • Orihalcon
  • Adamantine
  • Rune Armlet
  • Force Armlet
  • Magic Armlet
  • Circlet
  • Hypno Crown
  • Royal Crown
  • Jet Engine
  • Rocket Engine
  • Moon Curtain
  • Steel Curtain
  • Accelerator
  • Monk's Code
  • Knight's Code
  • Doc's Code
  • Hundred Needles
  • Three Stars
List of refinable items:
  • M-Stone Piece
  • Magic Stone
  • Wizard Stone
  • Ochu Tentacle
  • Healing Water
  • Cockatrice Pinion
  • Zombie Powder
  • Fast Shoes
  • Sharp Spike
  • Screw
  • Saw Blade
  • Mesmerize Blade
  • Vampire Fang
  • Fury Fragment
  • Betrayal Sword
  • Sleep Powder
  • Life Ring
  • Dragon Fang
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Red Fang

  • Arctic Wind
  • North Wind
  • Dynamo Stone
  • Shear Feather
  • Venom Fang
  • Steel Orb
  • Moon Stone
  • Dino Bone
  • Windmill
  • Dragon Skin
  • Fish Fin
  • Silence Powder
  • Poison Powder
  • Dead Spirit
  • Chef's Knife
  • Cactus Thorn
  • Shaman Stone
  • Fuel
  • Pet Nametag
  • LuvLuv G
List of Blue Magic items:
  • Spider Web
  • Coral Fragment
  • Curse Spike
  • Black Hole
  • Water Crystal
  • Missile
  • Mystery Fluid
  • Running Fire
  • Inferno Fang
  • Malboro Tentacle
  • Whisper
  • Laser Cannon
  • Barrier
  • Power Generator
  • Dark Matter

Final Fantasy XEdit


List of field items:
  • Map
  • Rename Card
  • Musk
  • Hypello Potion
  • Shining Thorn
  • Pendulum
  • Designer Wallet
  • Door to Tomorrow
  • Wings to Discovery
  • Gambler's Spirit

  • Underdog's Secret
  • Winning Formula

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit


List of field items:

  • Fang
  • Gold
  • Opal
  • Ruby

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit


List of field items:

  • Door
  • Key
  • Micron

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit


List of field items:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Light

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