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A Field Music Sequence.

Field Music Sequence, commonly abbreviated FMS, is a gameplay term in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. It is one of the three types of gameplay alongside Battle Music Sequence and Event Music Sequence.

Gameplay Edit

The player's leader party member runs from right to left across a scrolling background that differs depending on the song chosen. Notes fly by the player's cursor and the player must tap the touchscreen as the notes line up with the cursor. Missing a note and taking damage results in the party leader being replaced with the next party member in line, cycling back to the leader after all four party members have been passed. Higher chains and hitting criticals on notes result in the characters running faster, allowing them to progress through more of the stage. How fast a character moves also varies depending on their Agility.

FMS is the only time when the location of the stylus while tapping matters. Hold notes in FMS zigzag up and down, and the player must move their stylus up and down to follow the path, hitting dots along the slide note's path that themselves count as notes. With tap notes and slide notes, stylus position does not matter regardless of their placement on the screen.

TFF FMS Feature Zone

A Chocobo called during Feature Zone.

In the Feature Zone for an FMS, hitting enough silver notes successfully calls a Chocobo, who sprints forward for a period of time while subsequent notes turn gold. Eventually the Chocobo turns back into the party member who was leading before it was called. The speed of the Chocobo varies depending on color, red is the slowest, followed by black, yellow, and the fastest at white.

If the party travels far enough, they meet another character, usually an unlockable character from the same title as the music just cleared, who presents them with an item. Moogles may also appear at random to give the party additional items, if they appear and how often is dependent on the current party leader's Luck.

In Dark Notes, the player's performance in the FMS of a Dark Note affects the bosses faced in the subsequent BMS. If the party travels far enough in FMS, they will find a sign, signifying that in the subsequent BMS, they will face the 2nd and 3rd listed bosses, depending on their HP in the BMS. If the party does not reach the sign, they will fight the 1st listed boss in the BMS.

List of Field Music SequencesEdit

Songs in Italics are available as DLC.

Song(s) Location Image
"Main Theme"
"Opening Theme"
World A:
Cornelia Castle
Mirage Tower
World A
"Airship" World A Airship I
"Castle Cornelia"
"Troian Beauty"
"Roses of May"
Palace (Day) Palace
"Let Me Know the Truth"
"Theme of Love"
"Ipsen's Castle"
Palace (Night) Palace Night
"Behind the Door" Palace (Special) Palace Birds
"Matoya's Cave" Matoya's Cave Matoya's Cave TFFCC
"Mt. Gulg"
"Find Your Way"
Mount Gulg Mt. Gulg
"Sunken Shrine"
"Tower of the Magi"
"The Castle"
"Via Purifico"
"Heaven's Tower"
"The Bevelle Underground"
"The Farplane Abyss"
Shrine Shrine TFFCC
"Main Theme"
"Chocobo Theme"
World of Final Fantasy II:
Semitt Falls
Palamecia Castle
World of FFII
"Fisherman's Horizon"
"Vivi's Theme"
"Ovelia's Theme"
Town (Day) Town
"Finale" Town (Evening) Town Evening
"Dark City Treno" Town (Night) Town Night
"Crystal Cave"
Cavern Cavern
"Eternal Wind" Surface World:
Floating Continent
Crystal Tower
Surface World
"Boundless Ocean" Submerged Surface World Airship III
"Elia, the Maiden of Water" Cave of Tides Cave of Tides
"Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV"
"Red Wings"
Kingdom of Baron
Two Moons
Tower of Babil
Two Moons
"Airship" Earth Enterprise TFFCC
"The Imperial Army"
"Tower of Zot"
Tower of Zot Tower of Zot
"Another Moon" Red Moon
"Crystal Tower"
"Within the Giant"
"In Search of Light"
Lunar Core Lunar Core TFFCC
"Four Hearts" Bartz's World:
Tycoon Meteor
Tycoon Castle
Ronka Ruins
Bartz's World
"Home, Sweet Home" Bartz's World (Evening) Bartz's World Evening
"Airship" Bartz's World Airship V
"Library of Ancients" "Library of the Ancients"
"Mambo de Chocobo" Field Field
"Archylte Steppe" Field (Rock) Field Rock
"A New World" Merged World:
The Void
Tree of Moore
Pyramid of Moore
Merged World
"Terra's Theme"
"Servants of the North Pole"
"Noel's Theme"
Narshe Snowfield Narshe Snowfield
"Edgar & Sabin's Theme" Figaro Figaro
"Blackjack" World of Balance:
Phantom Forest
Phantom Train
"Celes's Theme" World of Ruin:
World of Ruin
"Searching for Friends" World of Ruin (Falcon) World of Ruin Falcon
"Kefka's Tower"
"Timely Ambush"
Kefka's Tower Kefka's Tower
"Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" Gaia:
Forgotten City
"Highwind Takes to the Skies" Gaia The Highwind
"The Chase" Midgar
"Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony" Junon
"Gold Saucer" Gold Saucer Gold Saucer TFFCC
"Cosmo Canyon" Cosmo Canyon Cosmo Canyon TFFCC
"Judgement Day" Northern Crater Northern Crater TFFCC
"Blue Fields" World of Final Fantasy VIII:
Balamb Garden
D-District Prison
Edea's Orphanage
Fisherman's Horizon
"Ride On" World of Final Fantasy VIII Ragnarok Airship
"Balamb Garden" Balamb Garden (Day) Balamb Garden
Waltz for the Moon" Balamb Garden (Night)
"The Oath" Balamb Garden (Sunset)
"Ending Theme" Flower Field - Raine's Tombstone Raine's Tombstone
"Over the Hills" Gaia:
Alexandria Castle
Black Mage Village
Iifa Tree
World of Gaia
"A Place to Call Home"
"Melodies of Life"
Gaia (Evening) World of Gaia Evening
"Aboard the Hilde Garde" Gaia Hilde Garde III
"Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life" Iifa Tree
"Not Alone" Terra - Pandemonium Terra - Pandaemonium
"To Zanarkand" Zanarkand Ruins (Evening) Zanarkand Ruins
"A Fleeting Dream"
"KUON: Memories of Waves and Light"
Zanarkand Ruins (Night) Zanarkand Ruins Night
"Spira Unplugged"
"Birds in the Sky, Fish in the River"
Moonflow (Day) Moonflow Day
"Movement in Green" Moonflow (Evening) Moonflow Midday
"March of the Dreadnoughts"
"Across the Divide"
Moonflow (Night) Moonflow Night
"Mi'ihen Highroad" Spira:
Mi'ihen Highroad
Rin's Travel Agency
Mi'hen Highroad
"Thunder Plains" Thunder Plains
"Suteki Da Ne" Macalania Woods Macalania Forest
"We're the Gullwings!"
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit
"Ronfaure" Vana'diel:
Ronfaure Midday
"Vana'diel March" Ronfaure (Day) Ronfaure Day
"Gustaberg" Vana'diel:
"Sarutabaruta" Vana'diel:
"Voyager" Sea Ferry
"Selbina" Selbina Selbina
"The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah" The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
"A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago" Tavnazian Archipelago
"Streets of Rabanastre"
"Theme of the Empire"
The Imperial City of Archades Archades City
"The Dalmasca Estersand" Dalmasca Estersand Dalmasca Estersand - Banks of the Nebra
"Giza Plains" Ivalice:
Giza Plains
Giza Plains
"Heart of a Child" Strahl Strahl
"The Mosphoran Highwaste" Mosphoran Highwaste Mosphoran Highwaste
"Phon Coast" Phon Coast
"The Gapra Whitewood" Gapra Whitewood Gapra Whitewood
"Sunleth Waterscape" Cocoon:
Sunleth Waterscape (Old Growth)/300AF
Old Growth
"Dust to Dust" Oerba Oerba Village Ruins
"Serenity" Gridania Gridania
"On Westerly Winds" Limsa Lominsa Limsa Lominsa
"To the Sun" Ul'dah Ul'dah
"Engage" Enterprise Enterprise XIV
"Prologue Movie" Orbonne Monastery Ivalice Ruins
"Sound of the Wind"
"Today Comes to Be Tomorrow"
Caravan Path Sound of the Wind
"Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)"
"Cloud Smiles"
"A Flower Blooming in the Slums"
Aerith's Flower Field Aerith's Flower Field
"Keeping the Peace"
"Gate to the Rift"
"Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle-"
World B:
Land of Discord
World B
"The Earth Under Our Feet" Orience Orience
"Soar" Setzer Setzer
"Tempus Finis" Pandæmonium Palace of All Magic
"Historia Crux" Historia Crux Historia Crux
"Groovy Chocobo"
"Crazy Chocobo"
Sunleth Waterscape (300AF) Sunleth 300AF
"The Glittering City of Yusnaan" Yusnaan Yusnaan City
"The Dead Dunes" Dead Dunes Dead Dunes
"Title Screen" Avalon
"Horrible Shadow" Estamir
"In Search of the Sword of Mana" World of Mana (Day)
"Into the Thick of it" World of Mana (Evening)
"Meridian Child" World of Mana (Night)
"Echoes of the Spiral" Bejeweled City
"Wind Scene" Middle Ages (600 A.D.)
"Corridors of Time" Kingdom of Zeal (12,000 B.C.)
The Blackbird
"Calling" Shibuya
"Song of the Ancients / Devola"
"Kaine / Salvation"
Home Town
"Horizon of Light and Shadow" Luxendarc

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