The Feral Croc is a beast/gator-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in the Oliphzak Rise of Tchita Uplands.

Feral Croc does not respawn on its own after its first defeat. The player must move at least two zones away from the Oliphzak Rise to reset the zone before it will reappear. This is easily done by ducking out the east end of the zone, past the save crystal, and heading back again.

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Fur the color of dead grass conceals a hard, scaly exoskeleton protecting this flesh-eater with few known predators. Its head is concealed by a split upper and lower jaw, and it is from between these that it keeps careful watch on prey through well protected sunken eyeholes. It is aggressive, yet wary, threatening potential aggressors with displays of its wide-open maw.

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Though the fur of the feral croc might seem, at first, to grow in a random fashion, the careful observer will note channels in the fur which permit air to pass and cool the beast. Typically, air flows freely over the creature's body before continuing on its way, yet on rare occasions it leaves the channels, swirling instead around the nooks and crannies of the croc's strange physiology. There the wind takes on tangible form, and so is the substance known as the antarctic wind formed.


Item farmingEdit

A likely cause for seeking out the Feral Croc is its possession of the uncommon Antarctic Wind loot, which is required to make Icecloud Arrows. Though the Feral Croc can easily be chained with the use of Foe: earth-weak gambits, as the Lizards that spawn nearby are not earth-weak, this will not affect the chances of acquiring rare Antarctic Winds, as they are obtained through the Hunter's Monograph and poaching, which are unaffected by chain.

However, chaining the Feral Croc will increase the player's chances of obtaining Aries Gems, which are required for making the strongest bombs: Castellanos. Although Aries Gems can be acquired from a variety of enemies, the player can increase efficiency by attempting to acquire items for both types of ammunition at the same time by hunting the Feral Croc. Other loot needed for Icecloud Arrows are Spiral Incisors and Ice Crystals, and others needed for Castellanos are Frog Oils and Bomb Fragments.

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