Fast-travel is a gameplay mechanic that allows the player to jump to another location, usually with a loading screen.


Final Fantasy XEdit


FFX Airship Menu PS3

The fast-travel menu upon the airship.

Acquiring the airship, Fahrenheit, opens the fast-travel system. The player can choose the location from the location list at the bridge to appear to a save sphere there instantly. The player can return to the airship from any save sphere.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 After retrieving the stolen sphere from Leblanc in Luca, the player arrives at the airship Celsius which like Fahrenheit from the previous game allows to quick-travel between the major locations across Spira, although several locations present in Final Fantasy X do not appear in this game. At several points in the game the player will be forced to fast-travel to some locations and save sphere access to Celsius will also be restricted.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit




The player can use the orange Gate Crystals to move to any other Gate Crystal they have visited before. Barheim Passage has a unique Save Crystal; the first time through the crystal is blue, but if the party revisits the area later the Save Crystal has turned into a Gate Crystal.

Moogling is a teleportation service in Rabanastre. The service is free and becomes available after escaping the Nalbina Dungeons through Barheim Passage. It is operated by moogles who stand near Moogling posts. Upon speaking to one of these moogles, the player can choose from any of the destinations scattered around Rabanastre and be teleported there.

Boarding the Strahl will bring up the map of the world and a list of destinations the party can fast-travel to. The Strahl becomes available after visiting Balfonheim Port after the events in Giruvegan. The player can board the Strahl at any aerodrome, as well as certain locations on the field. In an aerodrome the player must speak to the woman in the counter marked Private Airships. If the player looks out the window in an aerodrome, they can see the Strahl outside. On the field, there is anchor on the ground where the Strahl can be boarded. These spots are marked on the player's map.

The player can also travel between towns that have aerodromes on Skyferry. There is an option to skip the actual traveling part by choosing the private cabin option.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit



Once in Gran Pulse, the party can do missions, some of which open up Cie'th Waystones the player can use to travel to other opened waystones. There are also portals in Orphan's Cradle outside the Narthex the player can use to teleport to Eden or to Vallis Media in Gran Pulse.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit


Time gate

Time Gates serve as a means of transportation between different locations across different time periods. Unlocking Bresha Ruins 5 AF, unlocks an option to return to the Historia Crux from the Pause menu and from there to enter different places across time. The same feat can be achieved by interacting with time gates in the field.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LR After leaving Luxerion for the first time, Lightning gains access to the Teleport EP ability, which allows her to fast travel to specific locations on the world map.

Final Fantasy XVEdit



Fast-travel options on the map.

From the map, the player can return to the last rest point, which takes the party back to the last camp or lodging they stayed at. The return to car option takes the player to where they parked the Regalia. These options are available in the open world portion of the game. In dungeons, the player can return to the entrance from the map. After completing a dungeon, the option to return to the entrance is brought up automatically.

After leaving the open world, the player can call upon Umbra from rest points to return to the open world, although this option can be unavailable due to story reasons. Once the player is in the open world, they can again call upon Umbra to return to the present time.

World of Final FantasyEdit


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