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The Farplane is an alternate dimension in the realm of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is said that many secrets lie within the Farplane itself.

The Farplane can be accessed via Farplane Monuments: dark, floating, glowing obelisks located throughout the world in towns and villages. Once inside the Farplane, the player can speak with several moogles who make their home in the realm. Additionally, one can access the Dimensional Vortex, allowing one to participate in trials and events.

Places of interestEdit

Tower of EarthEdit

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A truncated tower that opened after the Earth Crystal was shattered, home to multiple powerful enemies that guard powerful items.

Farplane CastleEdit

Home to King Mog and his guards. The King can be found in King Mog's Chamber. The King is capricious and loves collecting things, leading to his throne to be littered with trinkets and Star Quartz that once called his attention. The King is a shopkeeper for event currency.

Dimensional VortexEdit

At the steps of the Farplane Castle lies the Dimensional Vortex, a swirling hole in space. Accessing it allows the player to participate in events and trails.

Tower of WindEdit

A truncated tower that opened after the Wind Crystal was shattered.


Upon global release of Brave Exvius only the Vortex was available; however throughout the updates the game has received, more of the Farplane has become accessible.


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