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The Fang is a beast enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can found in the Evil Forest as a regular enemy. A stronger version can be found during the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum. During the Festival, Fangs should be targeted the most by Zidane, as they generally give the most points.

Fangs performs two attacks that are both physically damaging. They only pose a real threat if the player does not have armor that raises Defense. Equipping Beast killer or using Fire magic will usually allow the player to defeat Fang in just one strike.

Formations Edit

Enemies Frequency AP
Can't escape. Defeat does not result in Game Over. Characters do not pose on victory. No rewards given.
Fang (#068) 100% 1
Goblin 50% 1
Fang (#011) 50% 1
Goblin 0% 2
Goblin x2 30% 1
Goblin, Fang (#011) 40% 1
Fang (#011) 0% 2
Fang (#011) x2 30% 1
Goblin 0% 2
Goblin x2 25% 1
Goblin, Fang (#011) 50% 1
Fang (#011) 0% 2
Fang (#011) x2 25% 1

Tetra Master Edit

Tetra Master

Location: Treno, outside the Card Stadium

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit



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