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The hideous, darkly clouded form of Famfrit, scion in opposition to Holy Queen Emmerololth, scion of light, was anathema even to his creators. Thus, after a great battle, was he broken and sealed within armor laced with wards. The confines of his armor are void of light, so is he called the Darkening Cloud. Men fear the rain that falls from the black clouds that ooze from that giant ewer as a herald of chaos and waste.
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Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud (暗闇の雲ファムフリート, Kurayami no Kumo Famufurīto?, lit. Famfrit, the Cloud of Darkness) is an Esper from the world of Ivalice. The Esper of Water, he represents the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, the Water Carrier, and he carries a large jug on his shoulder. From his power of Water, his color sign is clear. Famfrit is also referred to as the Kumbha Ascendant, which is the Sanskrit name of its Zodiac sign as used in Jyotish (Hindu) astrology.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

For the battle information, see: Famfrit (Final Fantasy XII Boss)

It is never revealed where Famfrit was discovered, since he is summoned by Dr. Cid when the party fights him at the Pharos at Ridorana. Dr. Cid may have found him during his research into nethicite, or simply used the nethicite to obtain him at that moment from the Pharos's peak, the Sun-Cryst's Womb.

When both Cid and Famfrit are defeated, the player obtains the glyph needed to command the Esper. He is the fifth of the five Espers obtained during the main storyline.



Briny Cannonade: A Water-elemental attack, and one of the few offensive Water attacks the party can use in Final Fantasy XII.

Tsunami: A Water-elemental attack, and Famfrit's ultimate attack. In the middle of a maelstrom, Famfrit stands up against the rain. He swings the chain of his giant ewer like a sling. The ewer tips and spills the water over the enemies sending huge waves to strike all foes in range.

License InformationEdit

  • Required License Points - 90 LP
  • Required Mist Charges - 3

Gambit InformationEdit

Priority Condition Action
1 Summon time remaining < 10s Tsunami
2 Self: HP < 30% Tsunami
3 Foe: absorbs water Attack
4 Foe: water-weak Briny Cannonade
5 Foe: any Briny Cannonade


  • Attack: 145
  • Defense: 56
  • Magick Defense: 37

Famfrit absorbs Water, is weak to Fire and is immune to every other element.

Level Max HP Max MP Speed Strength Magic Vitality
1 3860-3861 23-25 26 54 53 26
10 3995-4018 50-70 28 59 58 28
20 4240-4306 90-140 30 65 64 30
30 4555-4678 131-212 33 71 70 33
40 4853-5030 181-302 35 77 76 35
50 5329-5595 224-378 37 83 82 37
60 5749-6093 264-448 40 89 88 40
70 5987-6373 294-498 42 95 94 42
80 6262-6697 324-548 44 99 99 44
90 6637-7141 344-578 47 99 99 47
99 7060-7643 353-587 49 99 99 49




  • None

Final Fantasy XII InternationalEdit

In the game's International Zodiac Job System version Famfrit can cast Renew. He also has Null Vitality and Piercing Magick augments.

In the international version the characters are tied to jobs and giving the Famfrit's license to certain jobs opens up the following licenses:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Main article: Famfrit (Revenant Wings)
Ffxiirw famfrit
Darkening Cloud who blots out the heavens.
—In-game Description

Famfrit is one of the Rank III Water Ranged summons, the other being Shiva. Famfrit is fought in a side mission at Oghu, the Veiled Isle, after which he is accessible on the Ring of Pacts. Ashe learns her Quickening, Empyrean's Edict, after defeating Famfrit.

Famfrit's attacks include:

  • Briny Cannonade: Deals Water damage to one foe.
  • Tsunami: Deals heavy Water damage to all foes extending in a straight line from the user.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

For the battle information, see: Famfrit (Tactics Advance)

Famfrit is a Totema of the moogle race, and is obtained by fighting him in the dimensional rift. When summoned, Famfrit is less damaging to moogles. His potency diminishes if the Moogle summoning the Totema has a low Magic Attack stat.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Famfrit appears as a Scion. He can be called by anyone equipping the Ewer of Darkness when the Smash Gauge is orange. His attack is Tsunami as in Final Fantasy XII, and it deals Water damage to all foes in the battlefield.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Ffxiirw Shivan icon
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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Famfrit's incarnations as an Esper and a Totema are included in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. They are are Aqua-elemental Summon cards.



Famfrit's title alludes to the Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III, using her exact name in the Japanese version. His stance as the Esper of Water may be intended to reflect the Cloud of Darkness's desire to "flood" the world with darkness, or to the literal deluge suffered by the world in Final Fantasy III. Famfrit's armor—sky-blue with a narrow eye-hole and gold highlights—resembles that of Exdeath from Final Fantasy V, and their destructive intentions are similar too.


  • Famfrit is the only Esper called by name in Final Fantasy XII, by Dr. Cid.

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