The Faithful Fox is an optional boss in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. During the battle, the Faithful Fox is accompanied by the Adventurer.

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The player should focus on defeating the Faithful Fox first, because the fox has access to many magic abilities that can heal the enemy party and weaken the player. When the battle begins, the player should have their White Mage cast Lux and the Bard should cast Motet on the party; this will raise the party's defense by a lot. The player should have their Ninja cast Target Dummy to avoid physical attacks from both enemies. During the next turn, the player should have their Bard cast Fugue, and with luck this can stop the Adventurer for a single turn and allow the player to focus all their attacks the Faithful Fox. After succeeding in stopping the Adventurer, the player should use Lightning Fist to take down the Faithful Fox. The player should repeat this process until the Faithful Fox is defeated, although the player should watch out since Faithful Fox has access to almost all Dark Magic and can deal heavy blows to a weak party member.

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