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Penelo with Faith in Final Fantasy XII.

Faith (フェイス, Feisu?) is a recurring status effect. If a character has the Faith status, they will usually get a boost to their Magic Power, though this is a bit more complicated in Final Fantasy Tactics.


Final Fantasy IVEdit



Faith doubles the party's magic power. It is cast via Twincast with Rydia and Cecil or Rydia and Rosa, or via Recall.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit


FFXII Faith Icon
The character is pure of thought and at one with the arcane, increasing magick potency. The effect is temporary.

Faith increases the target's magick power by 30 - 50%. Attack spells deal 30% more damage, healing spells are 50% more powerful under Faith. Characters under Faith are also more successful in inflicting targets with negative status effects. Faith requires the Green Magick 6 License for 50 LP (White Magick 8 for 70 LP in the Zodiac versions) and can be bought for 5,800 gil from the Rabanastre Clan Provisioner once the player has reached the Clan Rank of Brave Companion or higher.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit


RW Faith Status Symbol

Faith is a positive status effect that raises a unit's Magick Attack. Penelo's Mystic Dance and the Judge of Wings's Heroism are a few of the spells that may grant this effect.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit



Faith can be granted by a number of spells as well as the Fortisol item. When granted by the spell Faith, magic attack is increased by 40%, but when granted by Faithra, magic attack is increased by 80%.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 Faith raises character's Magic by 75%. It can be bestowed by Faith and its all-ally target version, Faithga.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


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Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT While under Faith, a unit is treated as if they have maximum (100) Faith points without inflicting the consequence of raising the permanent Faith statistic too high, which would cause the unit to leave party after the fight. This can be positive or negative as it raises spellcasting ability, but also raises the effect of spells cast on that unit. The opposite of the status Faith is Atheist. Faith lasts for 32 ticks.

The Mystic's Belief and Templar's Faith can grant this status, and the Rod of Faith weapon will grant the unit Auto-Faith status.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

4HoL Several abilities in the game give a boost to a character's magic power. The Musician's Nocturne boosts magic power for three turns, the spell Magick works similarly, and the spell Lux gives the status permanently. The Black Mage's abilities also raise magic power in a similar fashion, but they only work for one turn. The boost effect does not stack.


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