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History of final fantasy

Intro to the documentary.

The FFXII Collector's Edition Bonus DVD is a bonus DVD that came with the Collectors Edition of Final Fantasy XII, available only for players in the United States. Published by Square Enix, it includes artwork, interviews with game designers, an official History of Final Fantasy documentary, and several advertising game clips.


  • Ships
  • Races
  • Faces (Characters)
  • Places (Locations)
  • Espers
  • Concept Art sketches


Twelve interviews, in Japanese with subtitles:

History of Final FantasyEdit

Forty minutes of English narration.

  • Available on YouTube, broken down into four clips:

Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Final Fantasy IV - Final Fantasy VIEdit

Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy IXEdit

Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy XIIIEdit