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"Eyes On Me" is a single of the theme song of Final Fantasy VIII, sung by Chinese singer Faye Wong. The lyrics to the song is written in English by Kako Someya. The second track is from one of her ballad albums "Red Bean".

Track listEdit

  1. "Eyes On Me" (featured in FINAL FANTASY VIII)
  2. ("アカシアの実", Akashia no mi?, lit. "Fruit of Acasia")
  3. "Eyes On Me" (Instrumental) (featured in FINAL FANTASY VIII)

Rare vinyl singleEdit

A vinyl single of "Eyes on Me" exists, containing the original and instrumental versions of the song, as well as "12" Almighty Mix" remix. This vinyl release was a promotional release and was never sold in shops.

Track listEdit

Eyes on me vinyl version

"Eyes On Me" vinyl single.

  • A Eyes On Me (12" Almighty Mix)
Remix – Almighty Associates* 7:04
  • B1 Eyes On Me (12" Instrumental/PA)
Remix – Almighty Associates* 7:04
  • B2 Eyes On Me (Original Version)

Sheet MusicEdit

Ff8single piano sheet music

Book cover.

The single has a sheet music book published containing piano sheet music for the songs on the single.

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