The Experiment No. 122 is an enemy in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

This creature is strong and agile, thus making it hard for Zack to land some Critical Hits. Use Graviga, Hell Firaga, Flare, or another area-effect magic to inflict damage. A combined Assault Twister+ and Graviga Materia will work as well. When fighting this foe, the player will fight three of them at the same time, each using the Power Lv. series of abilities. Be warned when fighting them; the Power Lv. series of attacks double in attack power from one level to the next. Power Lv.1 starts at 1,000 damage, then 2,000 damage at Power Lv.2, up to 99,999 damage at Power Lv.8, at which point the enemy will reset the ability to level 1.


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