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VIII Expend (ダブル消費, Daburu Shōhi?, lit. Double Consumption), better known as Expendx2-1 and Expendx3-1, are abilities in Final Fantasy VIII. When equipped while a character is in Double or Triple status, the character will use a single stock of a magics instead of multiple stocks of a spell.

For instance, if a character in Double status uses two Flares while equipped with Expendx2-1, the character will only lose one Flare instead of two, and a character in Triple status equipped with Expendx3-1 would lose one spell instead of three stocks of the same spell. Expendx2-1 can be learned through the GFs Bahamut, Cactuar, and Cerberus, while Expendx3-1 can be learned through Eden or by using the item Three Stars on any GF.

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