Exoplates are a mission boss from Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart. They surround Eald'narche during the first phase of the battlefield The Celestial Nexus and render him immune to all damage until they are destroyed.

The Exoplates do not melee at all, but have several abilities unique to them. It's three main attacks are Cronos Sling, Gaea Stream and Uranos Cascade, but their attack properties vary according to which phase the Exoplates are in.

Exoplates have three phases:

  • Eta phase: from 100% to 66% HP.
  • Theta phase: from 33% to 66% HP
  • Lambda phase: less than 33% HP

When the Exoplates transition from 1 phase to another, it will use its most dangerous attack, Phase Shift. This is used at 66%, 33%, and 1% health. It deals strong damage in a large Area of Effect, as well as inflict Stun and Bind.

Special AbilitiesEdit

(Eta phase)

  • Cronos Sling: Eta: Conal damage
  • Gaea Stream: Eta: Single target damage
  • Uranos Cascade: Eta: Targeted AoE damage

(Theta phase)

  • Cronos Sling: Theta: AoE damage
  • Gaea Stream: Theta: Single target damage
  • Uranos Cascade: Theta: Targeted AoE damage

(Lambda phase)

  • Cronos Sling: Lambda: AoE damage
  • Gaea Stream: Lambda: Single target damage
  • Uranos Cascade: Lambda: Conal damage

(Used between phases and at 1%)

  • Phase Shift: Wide AoE damage, Stun and Bind

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PFF Exoplates
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