This reminds me of Ultima. I bet if I just crush all of these fruits...!

Exodus Fruits are classified as a boss in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They appear during the fight when Marche attempts to defeat the Totema, Exodus, and are the only physical form of the Totema that exists that needs to be felled. As the Totema has grown so weak, it cannot fight back, and the Exodus Fruits are completely exposed, save for the threat of Babus as he tries to protect them and defeat the player.



Marche fights this battle alone. There are eight Exodus Fruits that need to be defeated, and doing so is the only requirement to win the battle. However, as Babus Swain is attempting to stop the player from succeeding, he must either be defeated first or constantly evaded in order to attack the fruit. The Exodus fruit are all extremely weak and can be killed in only one or two attacks.


As the Exodus Fruits are stationary, they do not have any movement stats.

Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
0 0 0


As they are fought as a group, Exodus Fruits have remarkably lower stat growths than other Totem, with the exception of Ultima. Since they take no action and are only designed to be defeated while the player is under attack by Babus, their defenses are their only worthwhile stats.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
1.4 E 1.6 D 1.1 E 9.9 S 0.8 E 8.4 B 0.0 E


  • The plant-like Exodus Fruits are likely a reference to their main Totema, Exodus, being based off Exdeath from Final Fantasy V, who was, in fact, a sentient tree.