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They look like trees. They're the totema!?

Exodus is the Totema of the Vieras in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and is the fourth Totema fought by Marche Radiuju.

Instead of fighting Marche directly, Exodus transports Marche into a room with several Exodus Fruit, which he must destroy all the while fending off Babus, who is trying to stop him. After being defeated, Exodus can be summoned by any Viera member and Ritz of Clan Nutsy. He is based on Exdeath from Final Fantasy V. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, Shara summoned him against Queen Remedi.

Gameplay Edit

FFTA Exodus Totema

Exodus in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Instead of fighting Exodus directly, Marche must fight the Exodus Fruit. They are completely incapable of fighting back against Marche's efforts to destroy them and they are severely weak in terms of HP, ranging from around 30 to 60. However, Marche will be under attack by Babus Swain while he is attempting to destroy the fruits. Once Babus is neutralized, Marche only has to avoid breaking the law while he destroys the Exodus Fruit unopposed. Once all the Exodus Fruit are destroyed, Exodus is defeated.

Trivia Edit

  • In his in-game appearance, the symbol on each of Exodus' hands is the astrological sign Libra, the scales. Three years later, Exodus appears in Final Fantasy XII representing the same Zodiac sign.

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