Evil Eye (イビルアイ, Ibiru Ai?, lit. Evil Eye) is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains three variants and three enemies.

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This winged weakling is native to all regions of Orience. Though it is physically quite frail, the evil eye and its sister species instead weaken their prey by inflicting various status ailments. In this sense, a lone evil eye does not pose much of a threat, but an encounter with a wild colony could easily spell death for any squad.

Soldiers in the royal army refer to these creatures as "petrifeyes" and deploy them in many of their military units. Like their wild counterparts, petrifeyes cast Stop on their enemies, but they have been trained to attack from the distance. According to Dominion Intel, however, petrifeyes and all related species are extremely vulnerable after they attempt to inflict status ailments. Moreover, Intel has reported sightings of a larger subspecies in the wild known as the "ahriman."

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