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Evan Townshend (エヴァン·タウンゼント, Ewan Taunzento?) is the main character of Final Fantasy VII Lateral Biography Turks -The Kids Are Alright-. He is a reserved young boy grown up in Sector 6 of Midgar with his mother Annette.



Evan is a troubled 19-year-old, described as tall but lanky, and thus is often the target of ridicule in the pub where his mother works. He has brownish blond hair, blue eyes and sharp features inherited by his father. He dyed his hair black and dressed like a delinquent in order to make himself appear more mature. Evan resembles his half brother Rufus Shinra.


Evan is clumsy and awkward in company of people and tends to act mean to be accepted. Because he grew up in the Upper Plate, Evan felt spoiled in comparison of his friends, and so prefers to be considered tough and uncaring.

Deep down Evan is a good person. He is loyal to his friends and he cares for them. Sometimes he is egocentric and full of bravado, facing dangerous situations like he knows what he's doing, especially to impress Kyrie.


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