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Euride Gorge

Euride Gorge.

The Euride Gorge (エウリーデ峡谷, Eurīde-kyoukoku?) is a location in Final Fantasy XIII. One of the premier tourist attractions in Cocoon, Euride Gorge sits at the site of a volcano. It is a power plant, generating power to the Cocoon populace, thanks to the fal'Cie Kujata that resides within. It plays a significant part of the plot revolving around Sazh Katzroy.


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Euride Gorge is located near the town of Bodhum. The area is best known for its energy plant, a facility whose output is generated by the fal'Cie Kujata.

Many school students can be found visiting the plant to learn about the role the fal'Cie in society, but the gorge also see a large number of tourists who come to view the spectacular scenery.

Eight days prior to the Purge there was an incident at the plant involving Pulse l'Cie, But the details were suppressed to prevent civilian panic.


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Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-Edit

Dajh branded

Dajh is found inside the power plant.

Eight days before the events of Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh brought his son, Dajh, to visit Euride, after he expressed wishes of seeing a fal'Cie. Whilst Sazh went to a gift shop to buy a Chocobo Chick as a present for his son, an impatient Dajh ran into the plant alone.

Unbeknownst to everyone there, Fang and Vanille, two Pulse l'Cie, were also inside the plant, looking to confront the fal'Cie Kujata for answers regarding their new Focus. Kujata sensed the danger from the Pulse l'Cie, and instinctively chose the nearest human to defend it: Dajh.

An eruption soon followed, forcing PSICOM to intervene, and Sazh to run in looking for his son, as the two Pulsians escaped, separating them. Inside, Sazh found his son unconscious, branded a Sanctum l'Cie. Jihl Nabaat ordered the boy be taken by the Sanctum in order to investigate the Focus he was given by the Cocoon fal'Cie.

Fang and Vanille escape

Fang makes Vanille escape without her.

Meanwhile, Fang and Vanille flee to escape the soldiers looking for them. Fang chooses to stay behind as Vanille escapes to buy her some time, promising her friend that she will find her soon. The region was blockaded for three days following the Pulse l'Cie incident.[1] The following day, Hope Estheim and his mother Nora visit Euride while on vacation in Bodhum but the aftermath of the incident soon causes them to leave.



  • Despite its significance to Sazh, Vanille and Fang's story, players are not able to visit this location.


  1. Quote: Without the residents having been informed of details, the region was blockaded for three days. (市民に詳細は知らされぬまま、一帯は3日間封鎖された). Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania, p083.

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