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Esunada (エスナダ, Esunada?) is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series originating in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is an upgraded version of Esuna, exclusive to the Lightning Saga.


Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Esunada is a Paradigm Pack ally-exclusive ability for Medics and can be infused into other Medic monsters. It removes the most recently afflicted status ailment from each party member at the expense of 3 ATB gauge segments. It can be learned by Cactuarama on level 28, Cait Sith on level 54, Caterchipillar on level 45, Flanitor on level 34, Haguma on level 99, PuPu on level 10, and White Chocobo on level 77.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Esunada is an EP ability which removes all afflicted status ailments from Lightning at the expense of 1 EP on all difficulty levels. It can be acquired from a treasure cube in the Ark starting with Day 5.

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