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The Escapeway is a secret location within Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. It is a tiny location, being only a few areas in total. It connects two secret portions of the Undercity West, and can only be reached during the second playthrough.

Enemies Edit

Shelter From the Quake Edit

Fear & Loathing Edit

Blood & The Beast Edit

Where Body & Soul Part Edit

Movement of Fear Edit

Facing Your Illusions Edit

The Darkness Drinks Edit

Buried Alive Edit

Treasure Edit

Fear & Loathing Edit

Battle Prize:

  • Grimoire Avalanche
  • Grimoire Flamme

Where Body & Soul Part Edit

Chest (Requires Unlock spell):

  • Bellini
-Double Blade
  • Vera Bulb (X5)
  • Elixir of Mages

Buried Alive Edit


  • White Rose
-Bec de Corbin
-Grimoire Grip
  • Grimoire Radius
  • Grimoire Meteore

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