Our prayers are with you!
—The two epopts in Mysidia, praying for Cecil
Epots iOS

The Epopts.

Epopts (8人姉妹の神官, Hachi-nin Shimai no Shinkan?), also known as the Eight Clerics, are non-playable characters in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. They are sisters who govern the kingdom of Troia and are guardians of the Crystal of Earth. Cecil first meets them when Golbez and Kain Highwind sends him on a mission to retrieve the Crystal in exchange for the safe return of Rosa Joanna Farrell.

The Clerics do not have the Crystal, as it was stolen by the Dark Elf. Cecil goes to the Lodestone Cavern to retrieve the Crystal, and returns to Troia, where the Clerics lend Cecil the Crystal to rescue Rosa. They never get it back. The Clerics later appear on an airship during the battle against the Giant of Babil. Afterwards, two of them go to the Tower of Prayers in Mysidia to pray for Cecil.

Before the start of Palom's tale in The After Years, one of them falls ill and it is implied the illness is debilitating, or even fatal. The Epopt leaves her position and Leonora replaces her shortly after the beginning of Palom's Chapter.



Epopt comes from the Greek language, which refers to an individual who is initiated into the mysteries of a secret system. It originally referred to those who had joined the epoptia and learned the mysteries of the goddess Demeter in the initiation ceremony called the Eleusinian Mysteries.

A cleric is a clergyman or other person in religious orders. It is also a character class in fantasy role-playing games.