Epitaph is a stone enemy from Final Fantasy IX found in Oeilvert. Prior to sending Zidane to the Forgotten Continent, Kuja says to him, "I'd better send you with three of your friends just to be safe. Besides, nobody likes to fight against himself". This foreshadows the abilities of the Epitaph, and the great threat they would have posed if Kuja had indeed sent Zidane to Oeilvert alone.


Battle Edit

Epitaph's Mirror ability allows it to create doppelgängers of one of the eight party members, who will attack the party. It will create these doppelgängers whether or not that character is in the party. If the character it mirrors is in the party, the mirror will perform an attack that deals 9,999 HP damage to the character mirrored, instantly knocking them out. Against any other party members, the mirror will only use a normal physical attack that does minor damage.

Strategy Edit

A good way to hasten their defeat is to equip the Man Eater and Stone Killer abilities to quickly destroy the mirrors and Epitaph respectively. For a hassle-free but unrewarding technique, one can kill the Epitaphs instantly by using a Soft on it, but this yields only AP, not experience.

If one of the characters can kill the Mirror-image in one hit, the player should press 'Attack' the instant Epitaph starts casting Mirror. This will stop the ATB gauges from filling. As soon as the mirror-image enters the battlefield, the player can target it for the attack. This way one will place the player's attack before that of Epitaph/the mirror-image. If the mirror-image is indeed killed with one hit, the real character will not be killed. It is advisable to equip Jelly to prevent the characters from being petrified.

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Etymology Edit

An epitaph is an inscription honoring a deceased person, usually on a tombstone or plaque.

Trivia Edit

  • The Epitaph bears a resemblance to the Stone Gargoyle race from Heroes of Might and Magic V.

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