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Eos (エオス, Eosu?) is the world in which the Final Fantasy XV Universe takes place.[1]


According to the legends of the human population, Eos was created by a race of beings that descended from a higher plane. The astrals formed a key part in this creation process. The mysterious beings retreated from the world, while the Astrals would remain - in future years, they would become recognized as a race of their own, with their own language and agendas, and a wish to protect the natural world.[2]

In ancient times, an ancient King of Lucis was gifted by the world's gods with the Crystal, a source of great magical power. In addition to this, the Ring of the Lucii was gifted to the Caelum family, the Lucian royal line, to wield the Crystal's divine power.[3]

List of areasEdit


The world of Eos.

Lucian continentEdit

Accordian continentEdit

Imperial continentEdit

Ancient locationsEdit

Creation and developmentEdit

Final Fantasy XV Topographical

The world as seen in the the tech demo released during Paris Games Week 2014.

The development team created a clay model of the in-game map early-on, prior to constructing the overarching game. This initial mock-up determined the overarching scheme and became the basis for constructing the actual map. The initial map helped evaluate where it would make sense to have a journey by car, where it would make sense for players to explore, and where it would make sense to have the train ride sequence planned for the game. It also helped evaluate what kind of technology was needed to achieve all the elements within the map.[4]

The decision on whether to make Final Fantasy XV open world or not was the hardest. Some staff were aggressively against the idea with the fear that introducing open world would lead the game feeling empty. Tabata himself felt that non-open world RPG released at 2016 would have players raising their eyebrows, especially when traveling around the world is a big theme in the game. The story remains linear, but it is expressed in an open world.[5]

The staff at first was not confident on their ability to deliver an open world game world. Tabata told everyone it would be okay for the field to be empty, and offered Shadow of the Colossus as an example of an expansive game whose world is not littered with content. Comparing their team to games like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption, some were overwhelmed thinking they cannot develop something like that, but the team gained confidence as they earned the know-how on technology. Towards the end of the development Tabata talked how looking at some of the global developers of open world games, they now see that they bring in a lot of people during the final phase, but this was something Tabata couldn't foresee, because it was the team's first foray into developing an open world game. This was one of the reasons that contributed toward the decision to delay the release for two months.[4]

The developers aimed having the exploration of the world be a big part of the joy of playing. They wanted to give the player a feeling similar to visiting a foreign country and be excited about what lies around the next corner.[6]



In Greek mythology, Eos is a Titaness and the goddess of the dawn.


  • Traffic in Eos is right-handed. Despite this, arrows appear on the roads outside the Citadel that go clockwise.
    • When Noctis and his allies return to the Citadel at the end of Final Fantasy XV, the arrows are removed.


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