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A view of Eorzea; specifically, Mor Dhona prior to its scouring at the dawn of the Seventh Umbral Era.

Such a marvel proof not only that the gods exist, but that they love, and that profoundly.
—Orrick Ballard, explorer and map-maker

Eorzea (エオルゼア, Eoruzea?) is the setting of Final Fantasy XIV. It is a region within the world of Hydaelyn, and comprises the Aldenard continent and its outlying islands.



The Map of Eorzea.

The vast realm of Eorzea, comprising the continent of Aldenard and its outlying islands, has seen the rise of a civilization with peoples as diverse as its environs. Throughout its history, the landscape has played home to a number of city-states—the tenuous relations among them fluctuating between friendly and hostile.

The pantheon of the Twelve is followed devoutly by most, and doctrine holds that the past wars of the realm were the wars of the heavens, with the gods and goddesses laying their favor with nations to champion them. In this way, war spread throughout the realm, discouraging unity and peace.

As a result, years passed without the lay of the land and its borders ever being mapped in their entirety. It was not until some 70 years ago, when an intrepid soul set out to wander the land, at great peril to himself, that the first map of Eorzea was completed.

Since then, the original rendering has been amended and improved by others, and the form it takes today is used by adventurers across the realm as an indispensable guide on their travels.

Limsa LominsaEdit

Located on the southern coast of the island Vylbrand, Limsa Lominsa is spread out across numerous surrounding islands, all connected by bridges. The marine city-state is a thalassocracy, currently under the power of the ruling party and its leader, the Admiral. Limsa Lominsa's economy is driven by shipbuilding, fishing and blacksmithing, but largely by the lucrative shipping industry.


Gridania is located in the east of the Aldenard continent, within dense woodlands. It is well known in Eorzea for its forestry, agriculture, carpentry and leather working trades.


The city-state of Ul'dah is located in the deserts of southern Aldenard. It is a popular location for visitors to partake in its fighting arenas and gambling halls. The Ul'dahn culture is known for its affluence. Despite historically being claimed sovereign by the sultan, it is under the rule of the Syndicate, an elite group comprising of the six wealthiest and most influential members of society.



  • Square Enix has a Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe in Tokyo named Eorzea Cafe.

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