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XI FFXI Ensphere Status Ensphere is a beneficial status effect in Final Fantasy XI. The bonuses received depend on the source of the effect. Ensphere effects with bonuses of different types stack (for example, players in the same party could benefit simultaneously from the Reraise bestowed by the Atmacite of Provenance infused by their White Mage, the Fast Cast bonus from that same white mage's equipped Heka's Kalasiris, and the Double Attack bonus provided by their Paladin's equipped Mekira Meikogai).

Currently, Pulse Panoplia body armors and certain Atmacite are the only sources of Ensphere. Atmacite bonuses vary by enrichment level; both minimum and maximum are shown.

Source Effect
Atmacite of the Depths Double Attack +1~2%
Atmacite of Enticement Regen +1~3
Atmacite of Exhortation Regain +1~2
Atmacite of Preservation Magic Attack Bonus +1~2
Atmacite of Provenance Reraise
Anhur Robe Magic Attack Bonus +5
Fazheluo Radiant Mail Store TP +6
Heka's Kalasiris Fast Cast +5%
Mekira Meikogai Double Attack +3%
Mextli Harness Critical Hit Rate +3%
Toci's Harness Haste +2%

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