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Enhancing Magic is a type of magic used in Final Fantasy XI that grants positive status effects, but also encompasses all teleportation spells. Like other magic skills, the higher its value is, the more it protects from spell interruption while casting.


Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Red Mage B+ 5 109 256
White Mage C+ 5 105 230
Paladin D 4 101 210
Scholar* D (B+)* 4(5)* 101(109)* 210(256)*
Black Mage E 4 94 200
Rune Fencer B- 5 144 388
  • Scholar's Enhancing Magic skill increases to B+ rating under Light Arts.

List of Enhancing SpellsEdit

The following are general types of enhancing magic. For most there's either multiple levels of spell (IE: Protect, Protect II, and Protect III), or different version to accommodate various elements.

Name Spell Effect Target
Aquaveil Lowers spell interruption rate Self
Barspell Increases resistances to various elements and status effects Self (or party for -ra versions)
Blink Creates shadow images to absorb attacks Self
Deodorize Masks scent One party member
Enspell Adds additional elemental damage to melee attacks Self
Erase Removes one negative magical effect One party member
Escape Removes one negative magical effect Party
Haste Increases attack speed and lowers recast time One player
Invisible Prevents players from being detected by sight One party member
Phalanx Deflects a portion of physical damage Self (or one party member for Phalanx II)
Protect Increases defense One player (or party for -ra versions)
Refresh Restores MP over time One party member
Regen Restores HP over time One party member
Reprisal Deals damage during a shield block Self
Retrace Teleports one player to their Campaign nation One party member
Shell Increases magical defense One player (or party for -ra versions)
Sneak Prevents players from being detected by sound One party member
Spikes Causes elemental damage when hit by a melee attack Self
Stoneskin Absorbs a set amount of damage Self
Storm Simulates weather effects One party member
Teleport/Recall Teleports party to a specific Telepoint Party
Warp Teleports back to Home Point Self (or one party member for Warp II)


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