Enfeebling Magic is a category of magic in Final Fantasy XI. In general, this category of magic includes spells that hamper the enemy in some way or convey a negative status ailment.

There are other magic categories that also convey negative status ailments in Final Fantasy XI. Where the line is drawn is sometimes hard to see. For instance, the spells Bio and Dia both do damage over time. Bio weakens enemy attacks, while Dia weakens enemy Defense. Bio is a Dark Magic spell, and Dia is an Enfeebling magic spell. There are also Elemental Magic spells that provide negative status ailments.


Enfeebling Magic is a category of magic. Its likelihood to land on a target and stay on that target for its full duration is determined by character statistics and their skill in Enfeebling magic. In general, Red Mages make the best enfeeblers. All of the other jobs that can cast it are merely average in practice. Below is a list of their rating. Any player can end up with an enfeebling magic skill through their Support Job but that skill cap will be equivalent to what their support job cap would be at half of their level.

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
Red Mage A+ 6 150 424
Black Mage C+ 5 139 378
Geomancer C+ 5 139 378
Dark Knight C 5 139 373
White Mage C 5 139 373
Scholar* D (B+)* 4 133 (144)* 334 (404)*

List of Enfeebling SpellsEdit

The following are general types of enfeebling magic. For many of these spells there are multiple levels of spell (IE: Dia, Dia II, and Dia III).

Name Spell Effect
Addle Decreases magic accuracy and increases spell casting time.
Bind Disables the affected creature's movement.
Blind Lowers the affected creature's Accuracy.
Break Petrifies the target creature.
Death Kills the target creature. Only available to enemy creatures.
Dia Lowers Defense and deals damage over time.
Dispel Removes one positive status effect from the targeted creature.
Gravity Lowers the target's Evasion and slows its physical movement rate.
Paralyze Potentially causes a character to miss its action.
Poison Deals damage over time.
Silence Prohibits the target from casting spells or singing songs.
Sleep Puts the target to sleep.
Slow Lowers the target's attack speed.

Several Enfeebling Magics are unavailable to the player at all.

Name Spell Effect
Diaga II
Diaga III
Poisonga II
Poisonga III