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VIICC Energy

Energy in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Energy (エナジー, Enajī?) is a spell in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. It deals massive non-elemental to one target and can hit multiple times on the same target. It is a Rank 7 Magic Materia that costs 33 MP to cast. It can be obtained as the reward for completing missions 1-5-3, 2-4-4, 2-4-6, and 9-2-4, stolen from Explosive, or found during missions 6-5-1, 7-6-2, 9-3-3, 9-6-2, and 9-6-3.

It is used by various enemies, including Belial, Chive, Crescent Unit Circulus, Experiment No. 119, Experiment No. 123, Experiment No. 124, G Paladin, G Purgatorio, Hippogriff, Horned Devil, and Lesser Demon.

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