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VIICC Endure Status
Endure status in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
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Endure, also known as Vigilance, is a Status Effect that prevents the target's actions from being interrupted by enemy attacks.

See also: Vigilaga and Aquaveil


Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Endure prevents Zack's actions from being interrupted when he is attacked by an enemy, and stops him from falling over when hit by a strong attack. The status can be achieved through Digital Mind Wave by rolling #-#-7 combo on the reel outside of modulating phase, which places Zack under Endure for 20 seconds.

Auto-Endure can be acquired through equipping Twisted Headband or Genji Armor. Twisted Headband can be bought from Mythril Mine Trading for 10,000 gil. The Genji Armor is unlocked once all slots on the DMW are filled to 100% and the player accesses the DMW menu.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The buff Vigilance increases the chance of interrupting the opponent's action when attacking, and increases resistance against interruption from the opponent. The buff is cast by the spell Vigilance, a Synergist ability everyone but Fang and Hope can learn.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Vigilance returns as a Synergist ability; a multi-target version, Vigilaga, has been added. Vigilance's effect has been changed: it no longer boosts the cut property and lowers Wound damage by 33%.

Lightning in her Valkyrie armor obtained as a Paradigm Pack monster from her DLC episode "Requiem of the Goddess", has the passive ability Immovable MAX, which makes her almost invulnerable to interruption.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

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Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

When Garland is in EX Mode, he gains the ability Indomitable Resolve that prevents him from flinching and being knocked back by enemy's Brave attacks while executing his own attack.

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