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The encounter glitch is a glitch that involves nullifying random encounters.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy III Edit


Nullifying Random encounters in the 3D Remake for Android

In the 3D Remake for Android and iOS, the player can avoid random encounters by using the devices' Task Killer. If a random battle occurs for the Android version, the player should press the Home button to return to Homescreen. From there, the player must then kill the running Final Fantasy III in the background and afterward enter the game and choose "Continue" to bring the player back to the spot where that random battle occurred. In the iOS version, should a random battle occur, the player needs to press home button twice in succession and swipe up the Final Fantasy III window to close the app.

In the Android/iOS version, the game will automatically do a Quicksave when a random battle occurs so the above method can be applied to avoid random encounters without losing game progress, or to retain progress after getting a Game Over despite the lack of Save points.

Final Fantasy V Edit


The glitch in action

The simple method of taking incremental steps and opening the menu works in all versions.

The reason for this glitch happening is that due to opening the menu and loading the Quicksave, the encounter rate is reset making it easy to manipulate the game.

The presence of a "random battle counter" that works like this:
(this is a generic example)

  1. Random Battle occurs
  2. Set "Random Battle Counter" to a random number between n and 255
  3. Each step, subtract n from Random Battle Counter
  4. When counter reaches zero, loop back to step 1.

(n being some number that may vary based on game and/or location). But when the menu is opened, the counter is reset.

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Final Fantasy VI Edit

The method for FFVI is the same as FFV. Take small steps and open the menu to reset the encounter rate, thus avoiding all random encounters. This is rendered unnecessary after acquiring the item Molulu's Charm. VI

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