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The literal and symbolic head of Avalon, the emperor is a man whose body is ensconced in heavy plate mail and whose face is unbeknownst to all but his most loyal servants, Whispers on the wind speak of his immense power--a power that has even overcome death itself
—Official Description

The Emperor is the mysterious ruler of the Avalon Empire in Final Fantasy Dimensions.



The Emperor normally wears heavy-plated armor to conceal himself with only those most loyal knowing his true face.



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While he's mentioned from time to time, The Emperor is first seen in a really short cutscene late in the game. Later on, when the party is tackling Castle Avalon, the party encounters him in the throne room. After dispatching the Divine Generals, the party believes him to be the last man standing. When the party finally faces him, he doesn't respond to any dialogue. After a battle, the Emperor is revealed to be a giant empty suit of armor.

The party enters another rift to the Void, where they hear a voice. The party comments that this could be the voice of the Emperor.

The Emperor is ultimately revealed to be Elgo.

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The Emperor is fought in his armored form in the last room of Castle Avalon. However, the Emperor will not make any move or respond to the party in any way. After a few turns have passed and the party has dealt some damage to the Emperor, the battle ends.

It is revealed after the battle that the party had been fighting an empty suit of armor, rather than the Emperor himself.


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