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エルヴィオレ (Eruviore?)
FF8 Elvoret
LevelHP3(Lv)² + 160(Lv) + 1400LevelHP3(Lv)² + 160(Lv) + 1400
STR([4.2(Lv)] + [(Lv) / 5] - [(Lv)² / 260] + 65) / 4MAG([7(Lv)] + [(Lv) / 5] - [(Lv)² / 500] + 36) / 4STR([4.2(Lv)] + [(Lv) / 5] - [(Lv)² / 260] + 65) / 4MAG([7(Lv)] + [(Lv) / 5] - [(Lv)² / 500] + 36) / 4
VIT((Lv) / 5) - (Lv) + (Lv) + 2SPR((Lv) / 3) - (Lv) + (Lv) + 127VIT((Lv) / 5) - (Lv) + (Lv) + 2SPR((Lv) / 3) - (Lv) + (Lv) + 127
SPD((Lv) / 5) - [(Lv) / 40] + 8EVA((Lv) / 6) - [(Lv) / 12]SPD((Lv) / 5) - [(Lv) / 40] + 8EVA((Lv) / 6) - [(Lv) / 12]
Elemental affinities
Tripletriad-fire Tripletriad-thunder Tripletriad-ice Tripletriad-water
100% 100% 100% 100%
Tripletriad-wind Tripletriad-earth Tripletriad-poison Tripletriad-holy
100% 100% 0% 100%
Damage Restorative Ground Gravity
100% Absorb Miss Damage
Status resistance
Death Poison Petrify Darkness Silence
Immune Immune Immune 40% Immune
Berserk Zombie Sleep Haste Slow
Immune Immune Immune 0% 10%
Stop Regen Reflect Doom Petrifying
Immune 0% 0% Immune Immune
Float Drain Confuse Eject Card
Immune 0% 10% Immune Immune
Devour LV Up LV Down The End
Immune Immune Immune 0%
Location Dollet- Comm Tower
Scan A monster that lives in the abandoned Dollet Communication Tower. No one knows where it came from.
Class Flying
Card Can't turn into a card!
Mug (25%) G-Returner x6 (100%)
Item drop (99%)
G-Returner x3 (69.5%)
G-Returner x4 (19.9%)
G-Returner x5 (5.9%)
G-Returner x6 (4.7%)
G-Returner x3 (50%)
G-Returner x4 (44.5%)
G-Returner x5 (5.5%)
Card Drop (0%) Nothing
Draw Thunder
Siren*only once
Devour Couldn't Devour!
Abilities Fire, Storm Breath, Thunder
Other information -Flying enemy.
-Appears after the Biggs and Wedge enemies have been defeated.
-Renzokuken always does 6 hits.
-Always drops Weapons Mon Mar.

Elvoret is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Its appearance is similar to another monster called Elnoyle.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Before Elvoret appears, Squall and his team must fight Biggs and Wedge. After a considerable amount of damage has been given, Elvoret will make its appearance by blowing the two Galbadian soldiers out of battle.

Elvoret possesses the Siren GF, which the player must draw. If missed, the player must wait until Disc 4 to get another chance in obtaining the GF. Elvoret uses Storm Breath, a non-elemental attack, used after three turns and hits all party members. It also uses Fire and Thunder.

Strategy Edit

If possible, the party should try and stock as many Double spells as possible, as it will be a while until the player gets a chance to draw them again. The party can also draw-cast the spell, which may make healing faster. The player should have one Mag-J junction ability at this point, from Quezacotl. It can be given to Selphie to boost her Magic stat, and use her for a healer and to doublecast magic at Elvoret. Ifrit should have the Str-J junction, and when given to either Squall or Zell, it helps them dish out a lot of damage during their Limit Breaks.

Triple Triad Edit

Elvoret Card
TTElvoret Element Wind
Refine 1 refines into 10 Death Stones
Drop N/A
Card Bite Bug, Ochu
Level 6 (Monster Card) Win N/A

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


PFF Elvoret
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Elvoret is derived from aile violette, French for "violet wing."

Related enemies Edit

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