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Antlion infestation in Eluut Sands.

Dangerous desert; home to many fiends and treasures.

Eluut Sands (イルート砂漠, Irūto sabaku?) is a desert location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed after the completion of "Mission #003: The Cheetahs" and is the site of "Mission #004: Desert Peril". When Marche learns of rabid monsters inhabiting the desert, he comes to investigate.

After the monsters are defeated, Montblanc explains to Marche that the monsters' behavior may be a result of the magical Crystals, which Bervenia Palace created. Eluut Sands is also the site of "Mission #036: Twin Swords", "Mission #037: Village Hunt", "Mission #092: Cursed Bride", and "Mission #106: Resistance". It can be freed in "Mission #243: Eluut Sands", after "Mission #007: Diamond Rain" is completed.

Encounter Edit

Antlions Edit

Much feared, often leave their sandy nests to hunt for food.

Turf Defense Edit

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