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Elmyra Gainsborough (エルミナ・ゲインズブール, Erumina Geinzubūru?) is the adoptive mother of Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII.



Elmyra has short, brown hair (dark and a similar color to Aerith in her in-game model, but lighter in her artwork), and wears a green dress with a white apron. Her attire is similar to that of a typical traditonal housewife.


Due mostly to her own past, Elmyra cares very deeply for Aerith, and is very protective of her. She is also quick to sympathise with anyone who similarly has a family member to care for, though cannot understand if that person could possibly leave them.


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Ifalna's Death

Elmyra finds Aeris.

In Elmyra's past her husband was drafted into the Shinra military during the Wutai War, and was killed just before he was due to go on leave. While waiting for her husband at the Sector 7 train station before the receiving letter from Shinra informing her of his death, she discovered Aerith with her dying mother, Ifalna, who begged her to protect Aeris before passing away.

Adopting AerithEdit

Elmyra cared for Aeris and protected her from harm. She noticed Aeris's strange powers when Aeris said she knew Elmyra's husband had died before notification from Shinra arrived, but did not talk about them often to keep Aeris from becoming afraid.

In Final Fantasy VII Elmyra is first seen at her house in the slums, where she asks Cloud to leave in the night so as to protect Aeris from Shinra and SOLDIER. Later, when Aeris is kidnapped, the player returns to her house, where they learn of Aeris's past and she agrees to look after Marlene after the Sector 7 plate falls. Reeve decides to place Elmyra and Marlene in hiding and the two spend much of the story in Kalm; Elmyra and Marlene are locked away and the player cannot see them, and Elmyra does not have much of a part in the story after this. Reeve brings her the news of Aeris's death later on.


Elmyra is mentioned in On the Way to a Smile's Case of Tifa. After the events of Final Fantasy VII Cloud, Tifa, and Barret visit Elmyra and Marlene in Kalm. Elmyra makes it clear she does not blame them for Aerith's death knowing it was Sephiroth who killed her. Elmyra is one of the clients of Cloud Strife's delivery service; she wants a bouquet brought to the Forgotten Capital.



[view  · edit  · purge]Gainsborough is a town 15 miles north-west of Lincoln on the River Trent within the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. Many European surnames derive from locations.

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