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An Elite Dungeon (フォースダンジョン, Fōsu Danjon?, lit. Force Dungeon) is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, unlocked as the player attains Mastery of corresponding Classic Dungeons, either through standard gameplay or event play. These dungeons often have significantly higher difficulty ratings for the same requirements as their Classic counterparts, and may also have sharply higher Stamina point costs in turn. Enemies battled also have much higher attributes, thus making them more difficult to defeat.

Regardless of when and how they are played, Elite Dungeons also offer significantly greater Rewards and, at least in the standard game, more Stamina Shards to collect.

Identification Edit

The player can identify an Elite Dungeon using one or both of two methods:

  1. A dark frame around the Record painting
  2. A dark-clouded background in battle
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