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Elemancy is one of two magic-casting systems in Final Fantasy XV, available to Noctis and his entourage. The other system is related to the Ring of the Lucii and is exclusive to Noctis. Using Elemancy does not cost MP, instead requiring each spell be crafted from available ingredients collected from the world.



Noctis draws fire from an elemental vein.

Elemancy requires a few key ingredients to "craft" a spell. Units of elemental energy that can be drawn straight from elemental veins found throughout the world in triangular formations around potential campsites, or acquired from magitek enemies defeated with mechanical weapons like the Engine Blade or the Drain Lance. A Magic Flask is a reusable container to put the crafted spell into. More flasks are acquired as the game progresses.

After procuring the necessary ingredients, a wide variety of spells can be created by putting together Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements. Consumable items and spoils from monsters can spice up a crafted spell, adding secondary effects like multi-casts from a single flask, healing the party while damaging enemies, and lacing the spell with status effects.

Spells must have a dominant element, else you will create a hybrid marked by a "?" that will result in a random spell with uncontrollable effects when thrown. While these spells are powerful, they are very hard to employ tactfully due to the large amount of variation that may occur.

Any spell crafted will be added to a list of known recipes for easy access and repeat crafting.



Noctis using Elemancy.

After a magic flask is filled, it can be equipped to Noctis' weapon slots like any other weapon, and to the secondary weapon slots of Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto. As Noctis, when the magic flask is selected as the active weapon, holding the attack button will create an area-of-effect sphere that can be moved with the left stick. Releasing the attack button will throw the flask and release the crafted spell within the zone inside the sphere.

If locked onto an enemy with the flask selected, you can tap the attack button to automatically launch the spell on the locked target and the area surrounding them.

Additional effectsEdit


Fire elemancy burning away a field of grass.

Elemancy's massive damage only affects enemies, while environmental effects affect allies and enemies both. Example: Firaga's blast only damages the mobs, but allies caught in the burning field left behind will take damage, The element used may be stronger in a particular area, like fire elemancy in an arid climate. Elemancy can have lasting effects on the area it is cast, where Fire will burn away grass, Thunder will electrify conductive metal surfaces, and Blizzard will cover friend and foe alike in ice, slowing their movements. Third-level spells will have a drastic effect on the battle area, and if low-level spells are cast in quick succession, their combined environmental effects can equal out to those found on higher level spells. For instance, casting three Fire spells repeatedly will cause the area to become extremely warm, where everyone begins to take burning damage, just as if a single Firaga was used.


The Magic grid on the Ascension system enhances Elemancy.

Crystarium Branch 2
Magic Level
Crystarium Branch 1
Magic Level II
Crystarium Branch 2
Enhanced Elementality
Crystarium Branch 2
Extra Powercraft
Crystarium Branch 1
Super Powercraft
Crystarium Branch 1
Ultimate Powercraft
Magic Action
Crystarium Branch 1
Crystarium Branch 1
Bonuspell II

Name Effect
Bonuspell Gain an extra spell from crafting.
Bonuspell II Gain an additional extra spell from crafting.
Elemagnetism Increases the chance of draining elemental energy from a foe while using an element-absorbing weapon by 50%.
Elementalism Absorb 20% more energy from elemental deposits.
Elementality Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 50%.
Enhanced Elementality Elemental deposit absorption bonus increased to 80%.
Extra Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 30.
Magic Action Gain 1 AP every time you cast a spell.
Magic Level Increase Magic for each character by the formula Magic = BaseMagic + CurrentLevel
Magic Level II Increase Magic for each character is now Magic = BaseMagic + (CurrentLevel * 3)
Powercraft Increase power of crafted spells by 10.
Super Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 50.
Ultimate Powercraft Spell crafting power increase is now 100.


Classical elements typically refer to ancient concepts similar to the modern states of matter: earth (solid), water (liquid), air (gas) and fire (plasma). Classical elements are the simplest form of existence, of everything in existence. Many philosophies and worldviews believe in classical elements.

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