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The Electric Jellyfish is an enemy monster in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Combat Edit

The Electric Jellyfish are aerial creatures and cousins of the Bloomers, they generate electrical charges by turning loops in midair. Locking onto one and performing a kinetic attack downward when it is charged will cause them to release an electrical burst (this can charge nearby jellyfish, causing them to grow larger). Overall, they are passive, choosing to simply cover themselves in energy and wait for their enemies to come to them, so it is best to have them spin horizontally to discharge them from a distance to pick them up and throw at other enemies.

While it's effective against them, it is recommended to be cautious of using the Homing Body Slam against them, since they tend to hang near water and there is a chance you will fall into the ocean after your attack connects. While holding on to one, Layle will force them to spin, generating a magnetic field which Layle can use to glide.

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