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FFD Eidolons are summons in Final Fantasy Dimensions. They can be summoned by Summoners and by characters equipped with "Summon LV" ability.

List of Eidolons Edit

Eidolon Level Ability MP Cost Acquire Image
Sylph 1 Whispering Wind 12
Initial Eidolon.

FFD Whispering Wind
Deals magic damage to a single enemy and restores HP to all ally
Chocobo 1 Chocobo Kick 12 Talk to a yellow chocobo in any Chocobo forest. FFD Chocobo Kick
Deals magic damage to a single enemy.
Ramuh 2 Judgment Bolt 29 Defeat Ramuh in the Cave of Fulmination. FFD Judgment Bolt
Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
Titan 2 Gaia's Wrath 39 Defeat Titan in the Cave of Convulsion. FFD Gaia's Wrath
Deals earth damage to all enemies.
Shiva 3 Diamond Dust 34 Defeat Shiva in the Glacial Cave. FFD Diamond Dust
Deals ice damage to all enemies.
Ifrit 3 Hellfire 34 Defeat Ifrit in the Cave of Perfervidity. FFD Hellfire
Deals fire damage to all enemies.
Phoenix 4 Flames of Rebirth 99 Phoenix can be acquired in the Anima Grove. FFD Summon Phoenix
Deals fire damage to all enemies and revive all allies.
Odin 4 Gungnir
54 Odin can be acquired in Odin's Castle. FFD Gungnir
Instantly kills all enemies or deals magic damage to a single target.
Unicorn 5 Healing Horn 42 Unicorn can be acquired in the Divine Forest. FFD Healing Horn
Restores HP and removes Sleep, Confuse, Paralysis, Berserk and Curse from all allies.
Leviathan 5 Tidal Wave 56 Defeat Leviathan can be acquired in the Abyssal Shrine. FFD Tidal Wave
Deals water damage to all enemies.
Alexander 6 Divine Shot 64 Alexander can be acquired in the Mysidia Cavern. FFD Divine Wrath
Deals light damage to all enemies.
Diabolos 6 Evil Messenger 64 Diabolos can be acquired in the Lufenia Ruins. FFD Evil Messenger
Deals dark damage to all enemies.
Argy 7 Espilia 56 Chapter 4, check the flower in Fabrica and talk to Argy. FFD Summon Argy
Restores HP and causes a random beneficial effect on all allies (Including Haste, Shell, Protect, Regen and Attack Up).
Bahamut 7 Mega Flare 78 Bahamut is obtained in the Mountain of the Father. FFD Mega Flare
Deals magic damage to all enemies.

Other Eidolon Edit

The Moogle Dance may result in summoning a group of moogles even though there is not a moogle Eidolon available in the game.

Etymology Edit

Eidolon means "unsubstantial image," "reflection," or "phantom" in Greek. It can also mean "idol" and is the source of the Latin word "Idolum."