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The Edge of Oblivion is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It is a giant magical well used by the Yukes to transport things to the world of the living. After Amidatelion lets Layle use his powers on the well, warp points will appear in all major locations of the game that have been visited. These warp points can be used an unlimited amount of times, and can even be used to reach places that are inaccessible via other means.

List of Warp Points Edit

*Locations that can only be accessible via Edge of Oblivion after they are first visited.

Minigames Edit

Instead of traveling to a warp point, Layle can make the Well of Oblivion to teleport him to any of the the minigames he found on his journey, by using the Layle Moogle, found near the entrance to the well itself.

To return the well to its normal state, Layle must talk to the Well Guardian, who is located near the Layle Moogle.

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