Early Spring; Teddy is an optional boss that can be encountered in Bravely Default as a Nemesis in Norende Village, which is an upgraded version of the Automaton boss battle in Grapp Keep.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

As mentioned before, the battle against Teddy will function similarly to the Automaton battle: There are three of them, they share the same weakness to lightning-elemental attacks as well as the same status immunities, and most of its actions are the same. The difference, however, is the exception of its Limiter Rescission ability being replaced with the Spriggan's Overclocking ability, which grants a buff to its Aim and Speed stats.

Strategy Edit

There are a couple ways to fight the Teddys, with most of them consisting of a Spiritmaster to utilize Stillness. Black Mages can utilize Thundaga to take advantage of Teddys' weakness. This can be paired with the Swordmaster's Free Lunch ability to cast magic for free. A more effective method is to use Vampires instead of Black Mages due to their Thundaja Genome, which is more powerful, but has to be absorbed from another Nemeses, (Belphegor and Asmodeus, specifically).

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