FFXI wiki iconFFRK wiki icon Eagle Eye Shot is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Eagle Eye Shot is the Ranger's special job ability.

  • Delivers a powerful and accurate ranged attack.
  • Obtained: Ranger Level 1
  • Recast Time: 1:00:00 (shared with all other special job ability)
  • Duration: Instant
  • Can be used with either an Archery (bows) or Marksmanship (guns and crossbows) weapon.
  • Upon use, a ranged attack is immediately fired at the target with zero delay, similar to a ranged Weapon Skill. Like with Quick Draw, the user need not be facing the intended target in order to use this ability.
  • This ability does not have 100% accuracy: it can miss, but it is rare.
  • It is highly recommended not to use Eagle Eye Shot while blinded or under any other accuracy-harming status effect.
  • The attack may be absorbed completely by a Blink or Utsusemi shadow. Be certain the target has no shadows before using this attack.
  • Damage of Eagle Eye Shot = 5 times the damage of a ranged attack.
  • Eagle Eye Shot can score a critical hit, although it will not be indicated in the chat log (aside from the higher damage inflicted).

Due to the fact that its only one shot, and deals a massive amount of spike damage. Eagle Eye Shot is best used has a Finisher to kill an enemy quickly before it has a chance to use a deadly ability or heal itself.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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