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A showcase of the EX Bursts of the various characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Final FantasyEdit

Warrior of Light - Oversoul
Garland - Soul of Chaos

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Firion - Fervid Blazer
The Emperor - Absolute Dominion

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Onion Knight (Ninja) - Ninjutsu
Cloud of Darkness - Ultra Particle Beam
Onion Knight (Sage) - Spellbook

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Cecil - Soul Shift
Golbez - Twin Moon
Kain - Dragoon's Pride

Final Fantasy VEdit

Bartz - Spellblade - Dual Wield - Rapid Fire
Exdeath - The laws of the universe mean nothing!
Gilgamesh - Strongest Sword

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Terra - Riot Blade
Kefka - Warring Triad

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Cloud - Omnislash
Sephiroth - Super Nova
Tifa - Final Heaven

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Squall - Renzokuken
Ultimecia - Time Compression
Laguna - Desperado

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Zidane - Reverse Gaia
Kuja - Final Requiem

Final Fantasy XEdit

Tidus - Blitz Ace
Jecht - Blitz King
Yuna - To The Farplane

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Shantotto - Play Rough
Prishe - The Five Lights

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Vaan - Quickening
Gabranth - Quickening

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Lightning - Gestalt Drive

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Feral Chaos - Regnum Dei

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