A veteran operative of the Crownsguard who, despite having seniority over Monica, holds her tenacious defiance in the highest esteem.
—Biography in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Dustin Ackers is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. He serves the Crownsguard alongside Monica Elshett under direct orders of Clarus Amicitia.



Dustin is a middle-aged man with balding black hair. He wears a black vest over a white shirt, a wristwatch and glasses.


Dustin is loyal to the royal household, and is careful in speech, especially to the prince. Though among the top brass within Crownsguard when it comes to fighting ability, Dustin tends to downplay his prowess.


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A veteran operative Dustin works alongside Monica under Clarus, and later under orders from Cor Leonis. Despite holding seniority over Monica he looks up to her. Like Monica, his role is combat support and reconnaissance, monitoring the movements of Niflheim troops in Lucis. When Insomnia is attacked by Niflheim, Dustin and Monica help Iris Amicitia among others escape the city, and Dustin accompanies her to Lestallum where she is to stay with Jared and Talcott Hester.

Dustin accompanies Talcott to the hideaway at Cape Caem alongside Monica after the empire occupies Lestallum, and remains there to protect Talcott and Gladiolus's sister Iris. According to Talcott, Dustin regularly takes him down to the waters.

At the beginning of the sub-quest "Lone Rumblings in Longwythe", Dustin goes to investigate the tremors alongside Monica and directs Noctis to receive briefings from her.

When darkness overtakes the world, Dustin escorts Talcott and Iris back to Lestallum. He remains on the move, delivering information between outposts.

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