The Dummy is a placeholder enemy in Final Fantasy VIII. That said, it never actually appears in-game, but exists within the coding nonetheless, apparently used by developers as a test enemy. It can only be encountered from the Debug Room, or through hacking the game. It is the first enemy in the data, having its data stored in the c0m000.dat file.

A series of files after all encounterable enemies ranging from c0m144.dat to c0m199.dat use the Dummy model, however none of these files contain functioning enemies. It should be noted that summoning a Guardian Force while fighting the Dummy will cause the game to lock up.

It somewhat resembles a paper lunch bag. It has the Japanese word for "dummy" (ダミー, damī?) on its abdomen, and it has the Japanese word for "sorry" in katakana (ゴメンネ, gomen ne?) on its back.


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