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MQ Dullahan Field

The Dullahan is a headless monster riding a horse from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest that attacks with two Vampires. It appears at the top of Mount Gale where it is responsible for the wind blowing across Windia damaging the Rainbow Bridge Machine. Benjamin accuses it of also being the one responsible for draining the Wind Crystal. Dullahan explains that Pazuzu was actually the one responsible, but also makes it clear that it has no intention of letting Benjamin meeting up with Pazuzu and restore the wind crystal. In battle with Benjamin and Kaeli, it demonstrates its ability to use Fatal attacks. After it is defeated, the wind will stop, allowing the Rainbow Road to be formed between Windia and Pazuzu's Tower.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

The dullahan is a mythical horseman in Irish mythology, and is described as a headless knight who rides a black horse, or sometimes in a cart pulled by several horses, which moves so quickly the friction of the wheels can set roadside hedges on fire. The dullahan will ride through the night, eventually stopping at the location of a person who is set to die and calling out their name, drawing out their soul and killing them. If seen it will violently retaliate against the watcher, dousing them with blood and using a whip made from a human spine to lash out one of their eyes. The dullahan cannot be barred from travel by locks or gates and cannot be outrun, but it is repelled by golden objects and will turn and flee if one is in its path.

Trivia Edit

  • Dullahan is the one of only two bosses besides the Vile Four and the Dark King that speak, the only other being the Minotaur. Its only dialogue is, "Nah, it's Pazuzu. But you'll never meet him!"

Related enemies Edit

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